What is Hypnotherapy?

Well it is certainly nothing like the kind of staged hypnotism show you may have seen on the television. I would describe it as deep relaxed state allowing the therapist to communicate with the unconscious mind and utilise the power of positive suggestion.  This can facilitate change with a persons thoughts feelings and behaviour.

Hypnosis is different for everyone, many people report that is feels like falling asleep with the difference that they can hear my voice and know exactly where they are.  Similar to being so engrossed in a TV programme that we are unable to hear someone talking to us. The unconscious part of our minds hears clearly and literally and is not subject to the analysis and perception we give to the conscious mind. We can therefore make positive suggestions helping a person change problematic behaviour.

Hypnotherapy is particularly helpful with fear, phobias, panic, anxiety states, stress reduction, over coming depression, habit breaking, loss, separation, self esteem, confidence building and self acceptance. It is recognised by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as being particularly helpful with IBS.

I am a member of The National Hypnotherapy Society.