What is Anxiety?  

It is the feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness, apprehension and dread which occur because of the perception that something bad might happen.

Feeling fearful a lot of the time can be exhausting, it can cause restlessness, poor concentration and muscle tension. Effective help can calm the central nervous system and help you to feel more in control.
As humans we have a very clever tool called imagination. This enables us to visualise and achieve success but it can be misused. Often we can imagine all sorts of unhelpful thoughts and scenarios that may never happen.  When the mind focuses on these negative thoughts in a repetitive way, we can experience fear and all the symptoms of fear as if it is really happening.
Counselling can help you to explore the causes of anxiety, challenge negative automatic thinking and give you tools to facilitate healthier thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  Empowering you to live more peacefully and not letting anxiety stop you from living the life you want to live.